Travelling is all about exploring, trying out new things and learning about different traditions and culture. Trying out new foods can be an exquisite experience. Be it the pizzas in Italy or croissants in Paris; new cuisines help us to experience new things.
We have got a list of 11 international foods that you must try before you die. They are the iconic delicacies of their culture and tastes absolutely amazing.

1. Poutine, Canada – Poutine is a traditional dish and originated in Quebec, Canada. It is made with French fries that is topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. For a modern touch, meat, caramelized onions and various other toppings can be added.

2. Spring Rolls, Vietnam – Spring rolls are an essential delicacy when it comes to Asian cuisine. A Vietnamese spring roll is called ‘nem nuong cuon’. It is made up of grilled pork sausages which is wrapped in rice paper along with cucumber, lettuce, mint and a special sauce.

Ćevapi, Balkan States

3. Ćevapi, Balkan States – Ćevapi is a local delicacy in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia. Ćevapi is prepared using either pork, lamb or beef along with onions and garlic. They can be grilled, fried or boiled. Ćevapi is served with home-baked bread and a unique spread called Ajvar.

4. Gnocchi, Uruguay – Gnocchi are a type of pasta consisting of soft dough dumplings of various sizes. Gnocchi is usually made from wheat flour, egg, cheese, semolina, potato, breadcrumbs or cornmeal. They may include flavours of herbs and vegetables and are often cooked with sauces such as primavera, alfredo or pesto.

5. Mezze, Middle East and Mediterranean – Mezze is a selection of a wide variety of dishes that is usually served as an appetizer. A mezze platter typically includes baba ghanoush, hummus, falafel, muhammara, fattoush, kofta and tabbouleh.

6. Completo, Chile – Chile stands among the world’s top avocado producers. A complete is a Chilean avocado staple. It is essentially a hot dog topped with tomatoes, avocado, sauerkraut and mayonnaise.

7. Churros, Spain – Churros are crispy pastries coated with sugar and served with steaming thick hot chocolate fudge. They are a Spanish delicacy and is often eaten for breakfast. Churros are an absolute delight to eat and is a must-try dish.


8. Saag Paneer, India – Saag paneer is an Indian favourite, made with spinach purée, chunks of cottage cheese and spices. They are typically served with rice or naan (Indian bread).

9. Lobster Rolls, USA – Lobster rolls are lightly toasted and buttered hot dog buns that are served with claw, knuckle and tail meat. The stuffing includes scallion, diced celery, butter, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and pepper. They are best served with chips and fries.

10. Queso Helado, Peru – Queso Helado, essentially cheese ice-cream, is a local delicacy of Peru. Despite the name, the ice-cream is not prepared using any cheese. The name stems from the preparation of the dish that makes it look like sliced cheese. It is prepared using sweet milk, coconut or cinnamon.

11. Macaroons, France – A macaroon is a small cookie or biscuit made from two shells of meringue-like pastry held together by a centre filled with a creamy ganache filling. It comes in different flavours such as chocolate, raspberry, vanilla etc.