Honestly, I’m no expert, but I do know fresh ingredients and food prepared with love. Little Saigon, on Victoria street in Richmond, is just another wee Vietnamese cafe amongst many. The interior’s plain, and it’s full of locals who do their best to keep this well kept secet under wraps- no pun intended…

We started with the prawn and chicken summer rolls– above, which were super fresh. Then we moved on to the tastiest and most generous portion of chicken spring rolls to wrap in crunchy lettuce leaves. No, there’s nothing new or adventurous in all this traditional fare, but it all comes down to the fresh ingredients- and this is guilt free gorging at its best.

I ordered the egg noodle pho with freshly made wonton and char siu pork. It was so aromatic and the broth was light and fresh but full of flavour. I loaded a ton of crispy bean sprouts and thail basil on top and wacked in a few stinging chillis.

Sacha ordered the Rice and egg noodle noodle pho with chicken and pork. Lighter even than mine, he loved it. We slurped up the entire massive bowls and then gently strolled back to trendy and comparatively over priced Fitzroy. Great warm Autumn night eating.