I’m not normally one for hot chocolate, having made myself ill on thick Spanish hot chocolate and churros. Too many people had however mentioned Monsieur Truffe when I asked tips on places to explore in Fitzroy, my new stomping ground. Well it was amazing. Perfect sized tiny mugs of rich dark chocolate, not too sweet and not too rich- just right. And the Mocha which is my favourite of all was made with an 85% bitter chocolate and coffee and was pure heaven in a cup.

From a stall on Prahran market, Monsieur Truffe has indulged Smith Street with chocolate indulgence since August 2008. Thibault Fregoni sources only the best (in ethics & flavour) for his handmade treats, all of which can be enjoyed in the café.

The interior is dark and cosy and heavily scented with chocolate. What more could a girl ask for? They just need to make their own perfume I say. The guys working there are super friendly and give loads of insight about their chocolate beans and various concoctions.

I’ll definitely indulge in the panne au chocolate next time, and the various handmade chocolates will be on my hitlist, along with their bitter chocolate drink made with 90% chocolate. I believe they are opening a chocolate bar on Lygon St as well. Cant wait.

Monsieur truffe

90 Smith St, Collingwood (near Gertrude st)

Opening hours

monday to friday 8am till 5pm
Saturday 8.30am till 5pm and sunday 9.30am till 5pm.
phone (03) 94163101