Ok, so I heard that Vietnamese bakeries are amazing, and despite their unassuming store fronts, they have an amazing and loyal following. So armed with a big hunger and just a few dollars in my pocket, I finally entered one such establishment named, predictably, ‘Saigon Bakery’ on Victoria St, Richmond.

There were a number of exotic combos on the wall and I went for the most expensive, (always one to assume that expense equals quality). I ordered the Shredded pork and pate roll. A diminutive and smiley girl behind the counter gently asked me if I wanted extra chilli and then went on to eagerly pack a fresh white roll, baked on the premises with loads of fresh salad, coriander, chilli, soy sauce and of course the pate and a large wad of fresh shredded pork. On parting with just a few dollars, I swiftly migrated to the privacy of my car, and eagerly ripped through the wrapping.

I tore into the creation with relish and it packed a rich punch of aromatic flavours that live up to all expectations. Infact, I’m converted and am now on a mission to hunt down the top Vietnamese bakeries across Melbourne. If anyone has tips, please let me know!